"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Monday, 18 November 2013

Earlier days of Tester

As a tester i have face following problems in my earlier days not now.., :)
1) Communication:
English is not my mother language, and in my school days too i didn't like English teachers and the subject itself, this thing greatly affect while i start to write test cases..,

2)Seeking templates rather than to seek knowledge regarding the same:
Content is more important than the document template format, it took some days to me to understand this truth.
Ex: The Test Report document should be in definitive format and at the same time the bugs which i have mentioned in the document not understand to any one means, the document is totally waste.,

3) Fairly believe the documents:
I didn't get much aware about the version control and configuration management that days. I believe all the functional and test cases documents are specking truth, i didn't knew that some of it spoke old truth., Because,of this couple of bugs raised by me went to 'REJECTED' state.

4) Lack of confidence:
When ever the bug raised by me went to "REJECTED" state, my heart start to cry. That time i don know when ever the development team reject the bug means, have to analysis the bug and understand why it get rejected., So i loose my confidence that time i thought like am not worthy to be in testing field. :(

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