"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Completed? Not completed; Not completed? Completed

Its like a Game, you can say completed yet you are not complete, like wise Not completed still you complete.
Tester playing this game every of task and every day.
Some times say completed, but not completed yet. and some times will say not completed even completed with that.

We cant say this tester saying lie, same time its not true fully. let say this partial true, partial lie :) The worst case in this is tester don know some situations whether completed or not completed. what to do say this case..? :)

This game not at all give joy or happiness but have to play with even don’t like it. Most of the testers in the world playing(shrinking) this game with pain i guess.

Oh! My God! When will this tester get out and set free from this game? :(

Friday, 14 February 2014

Don speck with out proof

Its far better to tell, yes i did test with this scenario, but now am not accurate with it rather than, I did test this scenario before and it was working fine.

All because, Anything may happen to the software at any time. You see, we cant able  to be sure whether we have the same tested code moved to live all times., You don know, you cant able to control the things happened in software beyond your hands.

One software tested by the tester and got approved by him after the 10+ number of iterations. Finally code get moved to live server, One particular scenario not work properly in live server, client experience the same issues and shoot out to tester. Tester got amazed, because that particular case already raised as bug by him and get closed in one of the iteration, but now the issue exists in live server.,

There may be number of reasons behind the scene.
Tester raised N number of bugs in first iteration send the report to development team. Development team fixed the bugs and sent  updated code to tester. Again tester tested the application, cross verify the N number of bugs get resolved or not, if the bugs resolved means change the status of the bug, if not means reopen it and sent report to development team, same time this iteration test again found N+ bugs. In third iteration, tester test with the reopen bugs and the new one raised in iteration 2. So then what will happen to the bugs closed state in Iteration 2 ?

Normally the testing time gradually decreases in every additional iterations. so is in it possible to to test all the test cases in every iteration? It is a challenging thing to deal with, :(