"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Monday, 29 September 2014

Learning Testing Concepts

Is in it the easy thing to do...??
No.,  not at all easy in all the time., 
Let me try to learn some new things.,
For this  i Google about the topic and find some articles and documents to read, don know which are all good to read, have fine information., 

Started to read, as usual after the two pages it seems difficult to understand the things mentioned in it.,
We know the quote , "Practice makes the man perfect", it comes to the mind so tried some things piratical which is mentioned in those documents,.

Again got failed, not works even practice the same mentioned in the document.,
Oh.,  God., here i started to hate the life.,  need a break now....., 
After the break.,
Am not at all ready to see those things.,  Again i move on to some other topics, :P
Google it find documents, process goes on..,
As consolidated, is there anything important i learn? For this question truthful answer is "No".  Even i try hard to learn, but i cant.,

(Am not write  this post with irritation but with sorrow.., )

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