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Friday, 8 May 2015

Tester's Prayer #1

I find this when i organize my last year notes. :) Now i smile when read this but  sure i was in great hurt while wrote this prayer. 

Web Development->Website Design and Development page:

Appropriate tab doesn’t highlighted in 'Related Services' block in right navigation bar while the same page get displayed.

What to enter in this field, i feel so sad..,

Lord, Please give me the good hard working team which is always treating a men as men.., From that team i have to shine to glorify your name., Lord i give this issue in your feet as per bible say, cast your burdens upon me". Lord you are my Shepherd enable me to hear your words rather than the words of men. Father you know the problem which is happened here., and u know my heart, i bow my self at your feet.., lord plz plz forgive me for my useless words. your mercy is endure for ever.  You are my Saviour lord.., Plz help me, i never behave like this.., Please be have patient on me.., In Lord Jesus Christ name i pray.., Amen..,

Thank you so much for hear my prayers.., 

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