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Friday, 8 May 2015

Tester's Prayer #3

Lord please forgive for i asked EFGH for my hike.., If the blessing come from heaven means no one can stop the same.., Lord enable me to believe your words all the times and all the situations.,
Lord help me to lead my life Not by sight but by faith.., Increase my faith in me.., Guide me.., you are a good Sheppard.., teach me lord., you are the one who fill with abundant knowledge.., Help me to lead a life that is pleased to you.., Help me to speck as you like..,  
forgive me for the yesterday's useless words, i know what will happen to the pride tough.., but i was not aware of all the time.., give me the sense to remember your words all the time to safe me from the evil thoughts and words..,
Have mercy on me lord.., am not perfect girl to get your blessings but lord i seek your mercy in the name of Christ Jesus.., Lord have mercy on me.....,
I don know whether am love my team or not.., but i pray for them as per your comment lord bless them, please open their heart and ears to know about you.., make them and their family all as your child..,Bless them abundantly.., 

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