"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Monday, 27 January 2014

Why the Bug posted by tester get rejected by developer as "Not an Issue"?

Case #1 Tester understood the functionality of the application wrongly.
Case #2 Dev team misunderstood the scenario mentioned in bug report.

Tester only needs to take full responsible for both cases. In first one, lack of understanding of the project leads to raise functionality of the application itself as bug.
  • Tester consider the one action exists in application as bug.
  • So she/he try to reproduce it 2 more times.
  • Note the steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Took screen shots and mentioned the bug exists in application in that image.
  • Wrote a bug report, set priority and severity.                                             (Any how, all this process took at least 15 mints i guess. :) )
  • After that the bug sent to developer team.
  • Developer read the bug report.
  • Get confused himself/herself.
  • Try to reproduce the bug using the steps.
  • And search the Documents and verify whether its an issue.
  • Found the same mentioned in document as functionality.
  • Told this very good news to fellow developer and laugh/irritate some times.
  • Forward the same message to their head.
  • Head look on to the bug and verify it with the documents.
  • Confirm it is an functionality and not an issue.
  • And Mentioned the same status in bug report.

Oops! it is a loooooooooong process, even a single issue ate precious time of entire team.

 And in second case, tester is not like to write a bug report like poem, even if it is not understood by developer means, may following are the reason:
  1. Scenario mentioned by tester not having clear steps:  Developer cant able to reproduce the bug by the mentioned steps.
  2. Required info not exists in bug report:  some of the bugs only exists for certain type of input data and precondition., In this situation tester should mention test data(it may by a file, info, etc)and pre condition properly.
  3. Spelling and Grammatical mistakes leads to confusions in development team end.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Testers are not Prophets but have to be while reporting a Bug.

Tester A, test the application at first time and raised number of bugs. Following bug is too the one of them.
Summary: In application XYZ, Form ABC doesn’t get submit properly.
Steps to reproduce:
Enter the web link in browser.
Enter data in ABC form in that page.
Click on 'Submit' button and verify.

Expected Result:
 Form should submitted, success message should display properly.

Actually Result:
 Blocker error page get displayed while click on 'Submit' button means.

Risk: Cant able to receive the data entered by user in that form by admin.

Tester finish the 1st iteration and sent a Test Result to development team. After a long time, tester received testing pack to do iteration 2 test.

What happen to that bug At Iteration 2:

Actual Result: Iteration 2
 Blocker error page doesnt get displayed while click on 'Submit' button but at the same ABC form doesn't get submitted. No action took place while click on Submit button.

Tester finish the 2nd iteration, sent a Test Result to development team. After a short time, tester received testing pack to do iteration 3 test.

 Actual Result: Iteration 3
Form get submitted, admin receives the data entered in the form by user. But while click on 'Submit' more than a time that much time admin receives ABC form info.

Risk: Admin receive duplicate data from front end.

Process goes on like this.....,

 Actual Result: Iteration 4
Form get submitted, admin receives the data entered in the form by user. But while click on 'Submit' form get closed immediately but still the web page get loading, while stop web page loading means, admin not receive the ABC from details.

Risk: User consider that from get submitted while click on submit button and close the application immediately. But web page took some time to submit the form, If user close the application immediately while after submit the form meas, there may be a chance to loose user ABC form info.

Actual Result: Iteration 5
Processing symbol get displayed while click on Submit button in ABC form. can able to edit the from text fields while it get processing.

Actual Result:Iteration 6

There is no end for this :)

Is this issue get fixed at less number of iteration, while tester write Expected Result as follows means?

Expected Result: Iteration 1
 Form should submitted while click on 'Submit' button.
 success message should display properly.
While click on 'Submit' button more than a time means, form should not submitted that much time.
Admin should not receives duplicate entry.
Form should not be editable while submit action processing it means.
Form should submitted properly, even if user close the application immediately.

I've write this Expected Result after a N number of iterations., Is in it possible to write the same in First iteration itself..? :)
TESTERS ARE NOT PROPHETS., If they may be some times, this case their prophesy doesnt get right at all the case. 

Testing Completed?

 Testing is not a static task, its a process.As tester we test the application in our desk while software in maintenance/development/testing mode, If it move to live, client and N-number of users use application.The test cases run by us in our desk get run again and again N number of times.So the process get continuous in some other name. 
But most of the situation, it consider as task.., :) 

 Consider the Text Field in one form, that accept numeric value 10 to 9654321987946545. Testers may write test cases for field, so many different input data and may try to automate and check with more number of test data with that field., Well, after all process, can able to assure 100% the field never accept invalid data?? 
 In Some other way, Completing test comes under some different scenarios : Time, Money,Number of Passed Test cases, Standard that client want.., etc., Answer given by most of the managers(i guess) based on this criteria itself. 

 In Software testing, we have more than 250 types. Load test, Stress test, Integration test, User acceptance test,White box test,soak test, volume test, negative/positive test, ad-hoc test, Exploratory test, static, dynamic test.., etc., etc., 
 Even if test the software with that more than 250 types, after that too, its impossible give the answer as 'Yes' for this question, "Is it complete testing?". Because as all we know Software is versatile, continuously changing thing, cant able to freeze unless if it is not in use. :)

 Why do we cant able to complete the test yet? 
Last two decade Software testing field has much growth., we have N number of tools/resources(Yes, they not enough, and not enough tested itself :) ) in our hands to do the test effectively. But yet why do we cant able to attain 100% test completion., ?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Little Girl and her Mistress

    Once upon a time in a village, a rich old lady lived with the maiden servant in very big palace. servant girl was only 14 years old, she took care of old lady, and did all the works for her. One day old lady told her to wash all the clothes of her. That girl took all the clothes and started to wash.First she rinse all the clothes in soap water, that time old lady called her to prepare the meals.
     So she stopped to wash the clothes and went to kitchen and prepare food.Old lady shouted, 'i am hungry'. Girl prepared it fast, finish the cooking and gave food to her mistress.    
    Then she started to put soap for all the clothes, her mistress again call her to clean the dining table. so she went to dining hall and clean the table.Old lady went to sleep after the lunch, and the girl continued to put soap for the clothes, she was very careful and make sure whether the soap removes the dirt.
     But she cant able to make one dirty white frock of her mistress in to clean white,she used more soap to make it white. But she cant so she decided to use brush for that, went to her mistress bed room and asked brush to wash cloths., Her mistress got angry. She doesn't hear anything from her and shouted girl to get out.
    That little girl got feared, ran away from there and continue to wash the clothes.  She used more soap for the dress to make it more white, she spent more time on it.
    Old lady came to check whether the girl working or not, and asked to her when will finish this work? Little girl had no answer for it, because she needs to put soap for more than one bucket cloths. She humbly replied to her mistress, will try to finish it soon. Old lady said her, "you have to finish this work before evening(time was already 4pm.) and you have other works after this one, need to clean the house and prepare dinner.
    She doesn't wait for her answer and went to room, litter girl did the work fastly, Put soap for all the clothes and started to rinse them.She had 4 buckets of water, rinse each cloth in 4 buckets of water and put it in hanger.
    A hour later,mistress came to her and asked whether the work get finished? Maiden girl said,"need to rinse all the dresses".She replied to work quickly and finish it soon. little girl start to rinse even faster. After that, old lady came to her more than 3 times and instruct her to finish the work soon. Girl got feared about her mistress and try to finish it with in hour.,
    she knew it was impossible to rinse all the dresses with in a hour. She rinsed the dress in 4 buckets of water, after 30 mints she started to rinse the clothes with 3 buckets of water and put it into hanger, again after 15 mints she rinse the cloths with 2 buckets of water. She got finished the work any how. Her mistress appreciate her work and urged her to prepare dinner for her. little girl slowly walk to the kitchen room....,