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Monday, 27 January 2014

Why the Bug posted by tester get rejected by developer as "Not an Issue"?

Case #1 Tester understood the functionality of the application wrongly.
Case #2 Dev team misunderstood the scenario mentioned in bug report.

Tester only needs to take full responsible for both cases. In first one, lack of understanding of the project leads to raise functionality of the application itself as bug.
  • Tester consider the one action exists in application as bug.
  • So she/he try to reproduce it 2 more times.
  • Note the steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Took screen shots and mentioned the bug exists in application in that image.
  • Wrote a bug report, set priority and severity.                                             (Any how, all this process took at least 15 mints i guess. :) )
  • After that the bug sent to developer team.
  • Developer read the bug report.
  • Get confused himself/herself.
  • Try to reproduce the bug using the steps.
  • And search the Documents and verify whether its an issue.
  • Found the same mentioned in document as functionality.
  • Told this very good news to fellow developer and laugh/irritate some times.
  • Forward the same message to their head.
  • Head look on to the bug and verify it with the documents.
  • Confirm it is an functionality and not an issue.
  • And Mentioned the same status in bug report.

Oops! it is a loooooooooong process, even a single issue ate precious time of entire team.

 And in second case, tester is not like to write a bug report like poem, even if it is not understood by developer means, may following are the reason:
  1. Scenario mentioned by tester not having clear steps:  Developer cant able to reproduce the bug by the mentioned steps.
  2. Required info not exists in bug report:  some of the bugs only exists for certain type of input data and precondition., In this situation tester should mention test data(it may by a file, info, etc)and pre condition properly.
  3. Spelling and Grammatical mistakes leads to confusions in development team end.

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