"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Subjective Explanation

 I don know how many people in the world seen, read my blog.
After posting more than 15 posts, i just look on my previous ones, had a smile and observe one thing, that all my post are specking about my hard times, failures which i faced in software testing industry.
Oh! My God! am not even having one good thing happen in my work to share?
So sad., :( Actually, i love to share the things which i have learned to others, and i love more to share good and positive things.
I don wanna fill my pages with the definitions like, What is mean by software testing? what is unit testing?? and all.,
I just want to make a record that what the software testing means to me, how the definitions and theorems i learned/learning in school/college/and in Google help me to do my work effective.

I hope, i'll come with some good posts in future(Jesus, help me with this., :))., 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Test case writing

A tester have time to check with mails, can able to read software testing blogs, can able to participate testing forums, like wise, if he/she has time to write test cases, and can able to manage those cases, can able to update eventually when ever the new changes made with the application.Above all client is ready to pay for this work, means there is no issue to write test cases right?

But now a days, 'Testcase Writing" considered as ancient process. And why it considered not at all suitable to for current trends?

Tester's Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you so much for being with me,
Guide me to find all the bugs early in the project., and give me the wisdom to post the bugs as detail as possible, so that developer understand and resolved it soon.
Give me patient, to deal hard times and problems in my team, project with smooth way. Enable me to be a peace maker and to give full support to developer and team to solve the issue.

In Jesus name i pray., Amen.,

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bug in Reopen state.., still..,

1)Bug still exists in recent iteration too.
2)bug not get resolved as like the way the tester want.
3)The bug not get resolved as like way mentioned in the document.

First point is deal with developer,no action took place in the application, relevant to the bug. So the bug exists in the recent iteration too.

Other 2 points, is about variations of Expected Results of the application.
Yes, the tester's expectation and the actual functionality may get differ some times. why this mismatch happen?
The project has document specifications, those data not transfered properly to testing team.
There is no test cases document prepared and maintained for the application or there may be a test case document exists but with out expected result column.
What? Test case document with out expected result column?
yes, some times test cases document prepared as per the code works. How means, tester executes the code and understand the functionality and prepare test cases based on this.
Tester did the test with the application with their own heuristic way.
So when the bug get resolved?
simple, the actual requirement of the project should know by development and testing team to come across this kind of mismatches. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Some points to share...,

Dear Tester(Am saying this points to me),
  • Don let the developers find bugs in your bug report.See, a tester hide in every human in the world. 
  • Don command the developer, you are not the captain of the ship mind it. EX: The title should be in centered alignment. Above line should not be in bug summary or description, may exists in the Expected Result area as per requirement.
  • Tester's success is on quality of the End product, not only finding number of bugs in application(But this one too important).
  • There is no use of your bug report, if those things are not accepted and fixed by development team means. this is the greatest failure of tester.
  • While testing the application, go through some of modules or functions you feel it darkened, and you need more clarifications regarding the module/function means, don hesitate to contact fellow tester/developer. You are the first client of the application, so you have to be know all things about application.