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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bug in Reopen state.., still..,

1)Bug still exists in recent iteration too.
2)bug not get resolved as like the way the tester want.
3)The bug not get resolved as like way mentioned in the document.

First point is deal with developer,no action took place in the application, relevant to the bug. So the bug exists in the recent iteration too.

Other 2 points, is about variations of Expected Results of the application.
Yes, the tester's expectation and the actual functionality may get differ some times. why this mismatch happen?
The project has document specifications, those data not transfered properly to testing team.
There is no test cases document prepared and maintained for the application or there may be a test case document exists but with out expected result column.
What? Test case document with out expected result column?
yes, some times test cases document prepared as per the code works. How means, tester executes the code and understand the functionality and prepare test cases based on this.
Tester did the test with the application with their own heuristic way.
So when the bug get resolved?
simple, the actual requirement of the project should know by development and testing team to come across this kind of mismatches. 

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