"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Indian General Election 2014 in Tester's View :)

Lok sabha election gonna held at India. In my state election date is April 24. All the party leaders and candidates busy with the canvass to win the race. Am so happy to be in democratic country India, am having right to vote gonna use it wisely. So i started to think like in testing way :) to make decision, and prepare following list:
1) Number of candidates who are all compete in my city their background, Qualification, experience, past achievements, good deeds done by them to society etc., etc., and who belong to which party.,
2)What are the promises given by the candidates.
3)What are the things done by previous elected candidate(If that candidate still in race means).
4)What are all actual needs we have in our city.
5)what are the problems we have faced in our city and whether those things are rectified by previous candidate or not?
6)Do the candidate have aware about those needs and problems.
7)Do the candidate gave promise to solve those needs and problems.
8)Do the candidate have courage, good communication, and analytical skills.
9)Do the candidate respect the people as people.
10)Do the candidate have strong vision and plans to lead our city/country towards growth.
11)Do the candidates have ears to hear their people voice and their needs.
12)Do the candidate have clear hands, don have want in money(strongly against to the corruption.)-Its important, its very important to the country now.

I wrote the content, and asked my team mate Sathish to review it. He gave me idea to share it in different style. He spent his precious time and make my content more beautiful.Credits goes to him. :) Thank you Sathish :)

What the mind set is this..??? :(

When i was in home some times, i had task from my dad to count the coins. Last week, my dad gave me 500 rupees worth coins to make sure the amount. I started to count the coins and noticed that there was shortage of 8 rupees. Automatically i started to scold the person who gave this coins to my dad.
If i note that there are more coins exists mentioned amount means, i started to the count again, i thought am not correct with the counting.,!

what the mind set is this..!!??!! :(
1)Started to blame others when loss is for myself means.,
2)Started to recheck my work if the loss is not for me means recheck the work i've done to ensure.
3)Am not recheck the count to ensure..

Am not do this things with my full will, but my mind automatically think like that., don know where the origin was.,I realize above points when i count coins last time and as a tester.,
I hope, i should not do above mistakes when i count coins in next time., :)
Thank God!