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Friday, 8 May 2015

A Programmer and His Client

We are all good lawyers to our mistakes and bad judge to others.

A programmer develop an application with thousands and thousands lines of code to get an output what a user want. Hard work never fails, yes the code woks well, produce the out put what they want but with the some countable warning messages.
Developer thought these warning errors  never affect the major functionality of the application. So the day comes application moved in to live. Client was so happy with the application and gave more money to them(Oh.., yes it happen sometimes).,

Days rolled out, one beautiful sun day morning, developer got an call from the client with the message that, application got crash.
After that developer ran to office (Oh, my developer, Today is Sun Day :( ) and check with the code and investigate the users what they did and how this bad thing happens.,

Alas, Developer had no idea about the issue., He continuously check with the code and spend more time with it, there in another place sales team try to confess the client.

While he fought with the application, he remember that warning messages that were already exists in the application., Now the developer consider it in to account try to fix it and try make the application bug free., 

Oh God the project delivered to the client was a year before. And yes this hard working developer bought a new car by the money. Developer actually forgot full functional flow of the project and he had no time to read big bundles of documents.

Any ways, the issues get fixed by the great and again hard working developer and the updated version moved in to live., Client get cool breathe after get back his application,  thank god and went to his way..,

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