"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Friday, 15 May 2015

I Fail...,

When i cant able to explain the issues posted by me..,

When i cant able to answer the questions shoot out to me regarding the bugs..., :(

When  i explain the functionality with the starting word "Obviously" am not have strong idea about the project..,

When i cant able to reproduce the bug that posted by me.,

the time when developer say its not an issue no change required for the same.,

When i stop with the issue., am not accurate with the whole function.., :(

Feel to cry., am not did my job well.., Lord help me in my unbelief help me in my weakness..,  

Dear Developer, don treat tester as sinner and Dear tester don do sin.,

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