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Friday, 8 May 2015

Tester's Prayer #2

Here is the one another prayer from my last year notes.., :)

May i know what is wrong with me lord..,
i got this link (may i know what i done with this link.., i got a big anger really.., who is here to support and guide me lord.., may i know..,? im all alone here.., Here all of them looking un to me to find fault in me to fire.., am i perfect girl to do all the things in better..?! not certainly not.., lord am not Christ Jesus to find all the bugs in first iteration itself and to assure for the quality.., am remember my self am a sand cant able to do anything with out you ..., you r in me, i believe as the versus u r come in to the heart which opens the doors for you.., am not standing all the time slip down while i think am stable  from)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I did QA process  for the application 'XYZ Module' and update appropriate issues in ABC for your kind view..,
Plz let know, what are the loop holes i missed out, in what are the area in software testing fields i have  to learn and train..,

Dear Father i just want to know this from you and you only lord not by men...,  Please be have mercy on me.., give me smile in my mouth when i fill with full of anger and stress..,

This is good to bear the wounds at young ages.., consider my situation.., am not saying that i'm playing my role very good but i need your strength to do job my role as like you lord., am your child no one get ashamed after look un to you.., yes lord as per you promise i'll shine in this XXX company for your glory.., But lord have mercy on me.., Guide me.., I seek your presence in my working place.., my boss is not a men but you lord.., you are my BOSS.! :)  guide me  and give me patient to wait for your time..,

I feel alone here.., lord please fill me with your presence.., i just want to work for you nor for men.., enable me to expect big things from you not from men..,

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