"Excellent testing is a rich and open-ended intellectual activity. It cannot be encapsulated into discrete procedural units."-James Bash

Friday, 8 May 2015

Tester's Prayer #4

Quality is not constant., It is a variable, it varies to the projects, clients, and based on time, money etc etc.,

I do my best here., Really im doing my best., but still have no peace of mind., so sad.,
Lord have mercy on me., please have mercy on me..,
Thank you for hearing my prayers., Im standing here all by your strength.,  have mercy on me.,

Every time i come to complete status of the test with the great hurt and hate.,

I show that am a confident girl, in my work and attitude, but i don know how to show this in my appearance., Always eager to prove it my work so i am always look tensed or feared., what to do :( 

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