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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Team Ethics

I learn some good points from one of my team mates today. So happy with that and realize how good it is to work as Team., :) So that we can have one other person who deal with our weakness and teach us to become better.,

1) If any point which is related to project, then raise it as defect itself not a Suggestion. If that point, out of the project, and it will be good to have in application means, make it a suggestion.

2) If you find any developer gave a harmful comment to the bug you posted it means report it to your head regard that.

3)Exact bug you raised it previously exists in this iteration means, then only change the status Reopen, otherwise make bug as New or New dependable.

4) Do not include Text correction bugs into the bug report. Make separate lists for it.

5) Do not reopen the Suggestion before confirms it with Project Heads.

Thank You Naveen! :)

Reader, You may wonder why i give title 'Team Ethics' for this post.,!! Ha., Ha., Do you?! :D :) 

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